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Many of you know that I spend much of my time on Twitter and with MMA DieHards (both of which you can find my profiles linked to from this blog), but there are many other sites that I frequent.  Some are sites belonging to friends, some are “news” outlets, some are completely random interests  Here you can find most of the places I spend my time.  Give ’em a click, perhaps you’ll find something newly essential to your online life.

  • PA Warrior – “PA Warrior” is my best friend, Jeanine.  Jeanine lives with Psoriatic Arthritis (PA) and is most definitely a warrior – one that I’ve been more than lucky to be blessed with as the sister I never had.  As she explained to me, PA is not a widely discussed topic (online, at least), and there aren’t scads of resources or places to connect.  If you or anyone you know lives with PA, you do not want to miss this blog and the people that follow it.
  • KounterMove – The easiest and most entertaining fantasy sports site you’ll have the pleasure of visiting.  This one is for the MMA crowd! Pick the game you want, draft your fighters, deposit your entry fee, and win real cash – AND bragging rights!
  • – What?  Really?  You’re not familiar with Fark?  They summarize their site perfectly – “We don’t make news.  We mock it.”  Real headlines, real news, sarcasm prevails.
  • MMA DieHards – My MMA home.  Breaking news, fighter features, radio shows, twitter recaps, and video content that you will not find anywhere else.  Founded by Hector Castro and Joe Rizzo.
  • MMA Valor – They fight with honor, we write with Valor.  MMA news, radio, and live fight night chats.  Brought to you by my good friend Josh Wood.
  • Crooklyn’s Corner – Think of Crooklyn‘s Corner as the go-to site for all things MMA Sentinel (including the radio show!).  Feature articles, audio links, quotes, videos, and plenty of fun POLLS!
  • Tri Coasta – Tri-Coasta has got to be my favorite source of t-shirts.  Yes, they’re MMA (and other combat sports) themed, but they’re the furthest thing from typical MMA gear.  The “Art Of” (Karate, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, etc) shirts are fantastic, and this is the place to find your original Korean Zombie swag.
  • MiddleEasy – You will not – I repeat, will not – find another MMA site like MiddleEasy.  Words cannot properly describe the level of RAWSOME on this site.  Check it out for yourself, wash, rinse, repeat.  Thank me later.
  • Bauzen – Wu-Tang Aficionado, Taco Conquistador, Moped Enthusiast, Muay Thai Fighter, Photographer/Writer for, & Life-long New Yorker.

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