About Amy

Who I am:  Kickass Wonderchick. UCF Radio-TV & Marketing student. Laugh addict. Co-host of Punch Drunk Radio on http://www.mmadiehards.com. Dog lover. Diehard foodie.  Laugh collector.  Eminem fanatic.  Music is my time machine.  Will work for frequent flyer miles.


Where to find me: Twitter (@amesbelle), Instagram (username: amesbelle), and YouTube.  You’re also welcome to email me – AmyLBarton@outlook.com

Why I’m here:  Truth be told, something about typing into thin air with no underlying purpose had always seemed quite narcissistic to me.

Then I discovered Twitter.

Micro-blogging, if you will, is a far cry from lengthy, semi-regular, more in-depth posting of diatribes – this much is true.  But it seems that no matter how often (or infrequently) I tweet, no matter how somber or silly, no matter the topic – there is always someone there to read it.  Maybe we, as a social networking society, have become – gasp! – too open to communication.  Don’t get me wrong; communication in and of itself is absolutely critical in the world we live in, and it undoubtedly serves you well to become an expert.  But, really.. Why the need to communicate all the time?  Why do I (and you, and you, and you – yes, I see you) have so many ways to just spew information?

Look, I’m not fooling anybody here.  I’d talk to a brick wall if I thought it would talk back.  I realize that not everything I say, think, feel, or do is interesting to every (or any) other person on the planet, yet I oftentimes feel compelled to share.  A blog serves my purposes well – I’m only representing myself here, I can be as long-winded or as succinct as I please.  And you, my dear friends and readers, don’t have any virtual vomit spewed in your face unnecessarily.  If you brought yourself to my blog, well… You only have yourself to blame (or thank, as the case may be) -which brings me to my last nonsensical point: I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging for many years – I’m tired of toying!  Time to shit or get off the proverbial blogging pot.  While I’m not limiting my posts to on specific topic or genre, it’s somewhat safe to assume you’ll find more content here about sports (MMA, particularly), social media, and food than anything else.

Why you’re here:  Now, wait a minute.  Just why ARE you here?  I suppose that’s only for you to know.  What I can tell you is why you should be here.  For all of the half-thoughts, mysterious lead-ins, joking jabs, tips, tricks, and “breaking news” bits I post elsewhere, there is always a story to follow.  Whether I have the time or desire to chop each story into 140 character chapters and post in each of no less than four different places is completely another story.  Here is where you’ll find what I really think about any number of things, in a completely uncensored format.  I welcome you to speak your mind with me, comment on anything you’d like, submit your questions, and sit back & enjoy what I’m sure will be nothing less than what I like to call complete and utter shenanigans. 

One Response to “About Amy”
  1. Bruce says:

    Your the best non-writer, writer I know

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