What Happens in Vegas…

…will forever live on through my blog!  Within reason, of course.  Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

I’ve been lucky to have hit Sin City four times in the past three years.  I really thought I’d go once, cross it off my To-See list, and go about my traveling business.  Yeah, right!  Can you say “instant addiction”?  There is far too much to see and do in such a place, so I’m sure I’ll have to go back at least once a year for the rest of time.  That said, I’ve done relatively little on each trip.  Here, my dear readers, you will see a few of the things I’ve seen… And I hope that you have at least eleventy hundred suggestions of what I should do next time I’m out!  

Go see some fights!  It should probably come as no surprise that I’ve attended a few UFC events – UFC 114, 116, and 132, in fact.  I also went to the UFC Expo, as it was the same week(end) as UFC 114.  I know we can’t all be fight fans, but look, you need to attend one of these events.  Whether it be for the love of the sport, the adrenaline rush from the action inside the octagon, the people-watching, the celebrity spotting, or just the sheer joy of attending a live sporting event, it’s something you have to do once.  The energy (assuming you’re lucky to witness a decent card) is incredible.

Check out some comedy!  There’s just no way I could begin to touch on all of the live shows, acts, concerts, comics, etc., that you could potentially experience in Vegas.  Far be it for me to tell you which one you “need” to see, but big baby Jesus will cry if you don’t catch at least one while you’re there.  I had the pleasure of seeing Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, Doug Benson, and Joey Diaz at Mandalay Bay (July, 2011).  Good times, funny guys, front row seats, drinks with friends – what’s not to enjoy?

Choose a casino, any casino – and see the sights!  Bellagio.  Who hasn’t been to Bellagio, right?  I made it to Las Vegas three whole times before I ever stepped foot in Bellagio – I definitely waited far too long.  In a city inundated by claims of extravagance and opulence, you can’t go wrong with this old stand-by (especially if you’re an “Oceans Eleven” fan).  The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens are incredible!  Aside from the fact that nearly everything in there is living, EVERYTHING IS HUGE!  I felt like I walked onto the set of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!!  And let’s be honest; I’m barely 5’5″, I don’t need to feel any more shrunken.  Still, very cool to see.  When break time comes around, make a pit stop at Noodles!  I just love this place.  It’s a casual joint, focused on traditional Asian noodle dishes from Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, China, and Vietnam.  Sluuuuurp!!

 Don’t pass up the people!  I don’t know how many of you are people-watchers, but it’s hard not to be in a place like this.  To the far left, one of the many street performers you’re bound to come across.  Maybe I’m easily amused, but these guys (and gals) are just fantastic.  I don’t know how they do it, really.  They stand completely still, fully (and sometimes extra-heavily) clothed, oftentimes covered with face/body paint, for hours – even in the dead of the summer!  They work for “tips”, of course, so don’t stop and lollygag, ask for a photo, or take up their time, if you’re not planning on tipping them.  To the immediate left, Brian Shaw – 2011’s World’s Strongest Man.  Holy Crap.  This guy had to have been one of the biggest humans I’ve ever personally met in my life – and wouldn’t you know, he was a complete teddy bear.  Super nice.  Good thing, I’d hate to piss a guy that size off.  Brian is just one instance; there are so many people from so many walks of life, you’ll find someone interesting around every corner.

All good things must come to an end.  But, fear not!  Even the views on the way out of town are something to behold.  I’m not positive exactly where I was when I snapped this shot, but I am positive that I was definitely glad to have snatched a window seat.  I love to fly, always have, but I’ve gotten to the point where I just want to get from point A to point B.  Don’t do that here!  Enjoy your time in the airport, see the last few sights and people you’re able to see, and peer out the window until your eyes are crossing.  The desert (and Grand Canyon, if you’re flying that way) is so, so cool from the sky.  Savor it until it’s out of sight!


There you have it, a few of my favorite Las Vegas memories!  Check out my (much more in-depth) public Facebook photo albums here: My first time (Birthday 2009),  UFC 114 & Expo (bonus: Phoenix and Sedona, AZ shots in this album), UFC 116, UFC 132

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