Blog Posts I’d Like to See

You’re not traveling around the blogosphere with no destination in sight.  You’re not, right?!  Whether you’re here for pleasure or business, because someone assigned or directed you to be, or because you’ve got nothing better to do, you can always have fun with it.  You can always make it interesting.  In fact, if you’re blogging, your inherent duty IS to be interesting.  Stuck when it comes to new ideas?  Here are a few blog posts I’d like to see.

  • Marketing & Advertising in a Nutshell: Know Your Role and Stay in Your Lane (you can’t reach everybody – know what you’re best at, focus on that, and be the expert on it)
  • 8 Reasons My Dog is Secretly Plotting My Demise
  • Social Media Pet Peeves
  • The Strangest Ingredient(s) I’ve Cooked With (and Eaten!)
  • The People of Walmart Ain’t Got Nothin’ on the Trolls of Target
  • Once Upon A Time, I Watched My Mouth (What’s your story?  When did you realize it was go time? When did you get your Katy Perry on?)
  • Never A Belieber (Take it for what it’s worth. What’s your beef with Justin Beiber? What do you hate about today’s “maturing” teen stars?)

It’s true: we’re not all here with a measurable end goal in sight.  Perhaps you’re blogging with the intent of the original blog – to maintain an online public journal.  Maybe you’re posting the minimum amount of content needed to meet homework criteria.  Maybe, just maybe, you’re *gasp* blogging for work.  Disclaimer:  Don’t go haywire on your corporate blog and don’t you dare tell them Amy told you to.  If you have policies and guidelines to follow, please follow them!

  • Be interesting.  Isn’t that just the most awful thing to demand of someone?  Look, not everyone is innately interesting.  You’re a self-proclaimed stick in the mud, you say?  That’s fine.  Personality can help you immeasurably in social media, but it’s also not the be-all-end-all of “interesting.”
  • Include lists in your posts.  Aren’t you more likely to click on a “Top 10 List” than a long article?
  • Use media within your posts! Any kind, really – audio, video, photos.  Break up those long blocks of text.
  • Engage.  Yes, engagement.  You’ve made yourself a comfortable platform from which you communicate from.  But if you’re only talking AT people and never WITH people, guess what?  People aren’t going to continue coming back to merely be spoken at.  Do your best to make interesting points.  Keep it light.  Go off the deep end with zany ideas.  Be über serious.  Whatever your approach may be, have something to say – and always have something to say back to those that interact with you.
  • Utilize different text formats.  If your content isn’t media-rich and tons of pictures & video don’t make sense, at least break up your words.  A few bullet points can draw attention farther down your post.  Shorter, succinct paragraphs can help.  Hell, switch up your font style from time to time.
  • Don’t waste your readers’ time.  These are blog posts you’re writing, not theses and dissertations.  The advent of the internet and ever-increasing media availability means that people don’t have the time or desire to read through pages and pages of what you have to say, no matter how interesting you are.

My last point of advice?  This seems like a no-brainer but is always beneficial to hear:  Just. Do. It.  If you’re considering it, it’s probably a good idea.  If you don’t want to put yourself out there, you don’t have to!  Nobody is making you write about yourself.  Write about something you’re interested in.  Start today! Start right now!  Keep your first post short and sweet, include links and pics, share the URL with your friends and family, and you’re off to a running start!

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