I think I broke my scale.

Before I, or any of you, completely just burst from anticipatory “WHAT DID YOU WEIGH THIS MORNING?!” curiosity, let me say two things:  One, I think I broke my scale.  This can’t possibly be right.  And two, there was a shoe discrepancy between when I weighed myself last week and when I weighed myself this morning.

Alright, ALRIGHT – I’ll cut to the chase.  Very simply, I’m 7.5 pounds down from last week. Hold your horses, now.  YES, that is fantastic.  YES, I’m ecstatic!!  But I’ve got two but’s for you (better two but(t)s than two or three chins, right?).  I did make a mistake last week in my haste to get started – I weighed myself in my shoes.  Not a big deal, no, but probably gave me a half pound jump the first week around, since I didn’t wear them today.  Regardless, I am very happy with my week.  The first week is always either the best or the worst for me, and I see it swung toward “best” this time.  No complaints, a solid start is what I need to keep my mind right.  It is imperative for me (and you all) to remember that I will not see those kind of numbers every week.

I mentioned last week that I’d hit on my eating habits a little.  I want you to all remember: these are habits recommended to and kept by a bariatric patient.  I am not recommending you follow my eating plan(s), I am not giving dietary advice, and I am most certainly not a doctor or dietitian.  So, what do I eat on a typical day?  Generally speaking:  4 cups 1% milk, three 4oz meals (2oz protein, 1oz carb, 1oz fruit/veg), a snack or two (fruit or veg), water, tea, and maybe a sugar-free popsicle or Jell-0 cup here and there.  Almost as important: I take my vitamins.  People that require supplementation need to consult their physician before starting a regimen, but for my needs, a multivitamin, iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and calcium do the trick.

Working out… Yeah, I haven’t gotten completely back on that page yet.  Look, I’m not advocating NOT working out.  For me, it’s baby steps (I say that a lot, but again, it’s true).  I spent a week back where I should be mentally, reprogramming myself to eat some semblance of a “right” way, and now I’m factoring a large amount of walking back into my day.  Gracie (my dog) is more than happy about this change.  I walk her often as it is, but she’d walk, run around, and play all day long if I let her.

An interesting, but not completely related note:  Mike Dolce (creator of The Dolce Diet) made a surprise appearance with us on last night’s MMA Beatdown.  Check my Beatdown page here for the link to the show – fast forward to about 80 minutes in to hear us talk to and about Mike.  My co-hosts are going to take on a three week challenge – “Three Weeks to Shredded”.  Listen to the show, check out Mike Dolce’s site, and make sure you tune in on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm ET to hear how their three weeks go.  As for me, I’m not looking to “cut” weight, nor become “shredded” (so to speak), but I am looking forward to checking out some of Mike’s recipes and tweaking them to play nicely with my diet.

My goals for the new week:

  • Check in again next week here!! Honestly, I suck at keeping up with stuff like this weekly, but I’m really putting forth the effort to try.
  • Continue walking, adding more time throughout the week
  • Shed another 1-2lbs

How are you guys doing with your goals?  If you’ve got updates, I’d love to hear them – here, on twitter, on facebook, or via email (amesactually@gmail.com)

2 Responses to “I think I broke my scale.”
  1. That is a fantastic start to achieving what you want. Don’t fret over the shoe thing because its only one weigh in. I agree with your view to take things slow and build from that (this is also what I am doing on my journey to lose weight). Congrats on your accomplishments. Celebrate (<— not w food tho) all victories no matter how bug or small and don't sweat the small stuff. I am proud of you.

  2. Bruce says:

    You go girl !!! your just friggn awsome….I’ll walk with ya when i get down…
    so proud of ya…

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