It’s Alive!!! (If by “It”, you mean “Amy”)

What’s the haps, people?!  A quick apology is in order here.  As I figured would happen, I started blogging here sporadically and when life took over, well, I skedattled with a quickness. Sorry!!

As my fantastical Marshall Bruce Mathers III would say, “I just keep going through changes.”  So, THAT’S where I’ve been…

No longer in Daytona Beach, for one – I now live in the home of the mighty Mouse House.  Thankfully, I live on the other side of town.  Disney is fun, sure, but it’s definitely better to not be right next to it – it’s bad enough having to fly into Orlando International every time I come home from anywhere (kid central on EVERY FRIGGING PLANE).  

Following a wildly entertaining year-long stint on MMA DieHards, the Beatdown has gone home to Tourturehouse.  BUT FEAR NOT!  This doesn’t mean the airwaves are free from my special brand of fuckery!  We’ve resurrected a DieHards favorite – Punch Drunk Radio.  I’m joined once again by longtime co-host Alex Donno and (new addition!) Lloyd “Cupcake” Woodard.  Pretty baller, eh?  We have fun.

While you’re at it, check out our latest show here with Invicta FC co-founder and president, Shannon Knapp.  Shannon is always a great interview and definitely didn’t disappoint last night.  Particularly for those of you that are MMA fans but maybe not WMMA fanatics – I think this will give you some new perspective.  Enjoy the show, and be sure to follow us on twitter (yes, people, there are giveaways there – you know how we do).  

Ah, yes – part of the reason for my move!  I wrapped things up at Daytona State College (earning my AA degree) and transferred to University of Central Florida.  HOLY HUGE SCHOOL, BATMAN!  At almost sixty THOUSAND students, the only larger public school is Arizona State.  At least those pour souls have dry heat to traipse around in.  No, I never thought I’d say that.  Yes, I hate heat.  Heat is heat, no matter how you cut it.  I’ve always been guilty of saying “I don’t care if it’s a ‘dry’ heat! My OVEN is a ‘dry’ heat – and I wouldn’t get in my oven!”… But damn it, when you HAVE to be outside, it’d nice to not stick to yourself the nanosecond you step foot out the door.  Such is life, for the time being.  P.S. Someone move me to Vegas, stat!

I believe that’s it for the big updates, for the time being.  All in all, my life seems pretty even-keel.  OH- for you MMA junkies, I have attended a few events since my last (non quinoa) personal update.  UFC on FOX 2 (Sonnen vs. Bisping – Chicago), UFC 145 (Bones vs. Evans – Atlanta), UFC on FX (McCall vs. Johnson 2 -Ft. Lauderdale), and Bellator 72 (Amoussou vs. Baker – Tampa) have all come and gone in the past few months, all good times.

Lastly… You know I’m still on my quinoa kick!  Try this Raspberry Banana Quinoa for breakfast tomorrow. DO IT! Image

One Response to “It’s Alive!!! (If by “It”, you mean “Amy”)”
  1. Bruce says:

    Glad you back… missed ya blog….
    I think ya a little fused… one minute you dont want get in a dry oven and the next you want to live in vegas… the only difference between and oven and vegas is in vegas ya can bake more cakes…;-D Ya toon will change during winter….
    see ya soon

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