What’s up, Doc, can we rock?

Well, well, here we are again. When I tell you I’m back and I’m going to be full of new and exciting blog posts – I’m full of it. Sorry bout that.

But hey, I’ve been busy!! And not only busy, but mostly good busy. School has been kicking my ass tapping out to my almighty academic brainiactastic grapplefucking. It’s been long and hard (grapplefucking always is), but rewarding. I should round out this semester with all A’s – even in classes that aren’t my cup of tea (Finance & Investing – kill me, and Spanish). Go me, it’s your birthday.

I’ve also latched back on to the cooking bug *cough cough*, even though it’s a moderate pain in the ass to cook for just one person. Worth it in the long run. Besides, my food is better than the food truck next door (yes, I’m lying). BUT it’s definitely healthier!! I know, I know – I’m not always the pinnacle of perfect health – but I try more often than I don’t, so I’m happily misleading myself into contentdom there. Hush. Leave me to my fat happiness.

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming!! Remember that one time number of months during which I happily screeched “The flyweights are coming, the flyweights are coming!” on twitter? This was just like that just now, only more merry. More merry like me. Truthfully, I haven’t decorated – or even unpacked my Christmas decorations – for the past three years. Many reasons, inconsequential now. But I’m baaaaaaack!! Oh YES I HAVE BEEN ROCKING CHRISTMAS MUSIC SINCE BLACK FRIDAY!! Oh YES I ATE CHOCOLATE DIPPED PEPPERMINT PEEPS BEFORE MY CALENDAR THREW DECEMBER UP ALL OVER MY LIVING ROOM! And I’m not sorry. Dad will be down for Christmas this year as well, rather than shortly thereafter, so I’m pretty tickled. Ok, I’m really tickled.

And then… Vegas! Yep, again. Please – PLEASE – try to contain your surprise. I know it’s shocking. But, it’s time to go back. It’s time to get away for a little bit. It’s time to eat myself into a happy sodium coma at Lotus of Siam. And it is MOST DEFINITELY time to see some of my favorite-ist faces that I only see a couple times per year (if I’m lucky). Hurrah!

And THEN(!!!) … What am I doing for New Years? I’m doing Vegas like Debbie did Dallas. Maybe a few more articles of clothing. Maybe fewer men. Maybe not.

OH COME ON. Really? God, you people. In reality, I will be in Vegas for NYE. Also in reality, I’ll be at a little pajama party – and ill be rocking out my awesome Sock Monkey footie pajamas. Eat your heart out, Debbie.

And then.. NO AND THEN!

That’s all for me, for now. Since I AM sitting here in finance class, I feel like I should pretend to do SOMETHING. I give you, once more, my word that I’ll be here more often. Please come back and visit!


P.S. I entered a contest – grand prize is a balleriffic new cell phone, a trip to L.A., and a day to hang with Will Arnett. Trouble is, this “contest” is basically nothing more than a popularity contest. So please, friends, go vote for me! Every day. From every device. From now until Jan 17. Or at least today. Thank you!! CLICK HERE TO VOTE, please and thank you.

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