Late summer Whole30-dom (AKA I bite my thumb at you, Sir Sugar)

I am not a caveman.  I have no interest in emulating the eating habits of a caveman.  Why would I want to?  Isn’t that what “Paleo” eating is anyway?  Caveman cuisine?  Unless you’re my boyfriend’s age, you weren’t around long enough ago to have firsthand knowledge of what cavemen actually ate anyway!  But hey, I’ve met Clay Guida a number of times. That must count for something.

Speaking of the boyfriend, this is all his fault.  That’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  You see, he’d had run-ins with this Whole30 business long before he ever met me.  He shared with me how his sisters do it, too, as a jump-start to getting back in shape.  He told me many stories and quipped about how much better he felt each time that he did it.  Meh.  I was glad for him, of course, but I failed to see the value in it.  For someone like me, who eats more like a paleo dieter (pardon me; lifestyler) than the “average” American, what could be the big deal?

already don’t eat bread, white flour, and most grains.

already limit my intake of sugar.

already prefer eating my fruits and veggies (rather than juicing them and leaving behind the fibrous goodness that is pulp).

already eat a moderate amount of meat.  If I wasn’t supposed to eat so much meat, why are animals made of it?

So, I didn’t get it.  I’m not sure I’m completely on board even now, which brings me to my point:  I’m currently on Day 18 of the Whole30, which, obviously, lasts for 30 days.  Before I go on, I should mention this: If you’re interested in checking this out and really committing to it, you should probably read the book first.  There’s my disclaimer.  So the (very basic) premise the Whole30 is that you don’t eat processed foods.  That’s essentially what it boils down to.  Check out their site for a specific list of what’s allowed and what isn’t, but the short version is here:  NO grains, dairy, added sugar, flour(s), most oils, or soy products.  That’s asking a lot.  Basically you can eat fruit, veggies, and meat (and poultry and fish), preferably with as little manipulation as possible, Toss in a few approved fats, let go of desserts and snacks, and you’re on your way.

Obviously this is a process – a work in progress, if you will. Just over a couple of weeks into it, and what I know is this:  I have not lost any weight (or if I have, it hasn’t been noticeable – maybe 2-3lbs? I’ll find out later, as you aren’t supposed to weigh yourself for the duration of the Whole30).  I have gotten into the habit of eating breakfast every day, rather than just most days.  I’ve discovered that coffee is palatable with just coconut milk in it (and no sweetener or dairy).  PALATABLE, I said.  Not Starbucks-crack-ilicious.  But palatable. I will be going back to adding a small amount of stevia after the 30 days is over.  I rediscovered that fruit is nature’s candy and I’ve always adored it.  I do feel better physically, though I don’t really want to admit it.  Eliminating added sugar, grains, dairy, wheat, etc, from my eating habits completely hasn’t been easy.  In fact, it has downright sucked at times (I covet cheese.  I prefer dairy in my coffee.  Also, ice cream is my favorite food group).

But, as the brainwashingly well written book will remind you, “I can do anything for 30 days!”, so I’m doing this.  I’m past the halfway point and I can see the finish line.  And as much as I don’t care to admit it, I do feel pretty great.  I’ve had more energy the past few days than I’ve known what to do with.  WHAT DO I DO WITH IT??  Aside from Crossfit.  No Crossfitting for me.  It’s like the ultimate combination of a drug, a secret society, a member’s only club, and a religion.  I prefer my drugs out in the open with a dash of solidarity and a shake of singularity, hold the brotherhood.  Just kidding, I don’t do drugs.

Oh, by the way – while I am the token foodie and I’ve always loved fresh ingredients, I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a rut.  If you’ve got tips for fast, easy Whole30 eats (on the go, would be perfect), please send them my in!  You can leave them in comments here or email me at

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